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With so many creative people stuck at home, we wanted to give people a creative outlet.  Something that anyone could do.  We had people from around the world recreate scenes from Back to the Future 2 using only what they had access to during the quarantine.  The results are a marvel of creativity.  The best part however, is hearing from the people who worked on the project, how much fun they had and how it brought some joy in a dark time.  


The Rules:


1. Each person/team was assigned 1 segment of the film between 40 and 100 seconds in length.  You could split up your scene virtually among your friends if you'd like.  ie; have different people film different shots.  But you are responsible for all of the time you sign up for.


2. No changing the script.  You will be sent a video clip of the scene.  Try to recreate each shot as it is seen in the original movie.  However feel free to change up characters/props using what you have... ie; there's no reason Doc can't be played by a 3 year old girl as long as she can say the lines.

3. You can use any medium you like, including Live Action, Animation, Claymation, Stop Motion, Puppets, etc.  Get creative!  Bonus points for including your pets.  

4.  Once all of the scenes are taken, the clock starts ticking! we will have 1 week to complete these scenes.  Please don't sign up if you don't think you can meet the deadline.  

5. Join the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/211704210187655 so we can all chat about the project.

6. This is meant to be a creative outlet during the social distancing and self quarantining of 2020, please don't get groups together (except virtually) to make these, just work with what you have.  Stay safe and have fun!